As Tyga and Kylie splits, Kendall Jenner sends a FUCK YOU sign to Tyga


Kendall Jenner is either not a big Thursday fan or is not a big fan of her sister Kylie’s now ex-boyfriend Tyga.

On the day the rapper marked his 26th birthday, Kendall skipped the obligatory social media celebration and instead posted a rather vulgar snap on Instagram.

While it is not clear if the snap is of the 20-year-old or someone else, the photo features someone bent over so just their rear end is visible and they have their hand between their legs giving the rude finger.

Kendall captioned the snap mysteriously with an emoji of a question mark and a palm tree plus a flesh coloured square.

Who the rude message was for cannot be said for sure, but its timing seems to be no coincidence, as on Friday it was revealed that Kylie and the rapper had split.