[AUDIO] Fire – Ms Bodega ft. MC Galxay


    International Artist Ms.Bodega (Israeli NYC American) featuring AfroBeat Nigerian Sensation MC Galaxy will “Light your Life Up On Fire” with their heated performance.

    The music video was shot in NYC with a mix of African dancers and NYC B-Boys and B-Girls for a full multi-cultural experience. Israeli Music producer Gemini ‘killt it’ with this track and the combination of Ms.Bodega’s sweet voice and MC Galaxy’s Afro-pop flare take it to another level.


    Representing several countries and cultures around the world, the song and these artists are expected to reach a Global audience by storm.

    About Ms. Bodega Ms.Bodega is a Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Producer, Radio Host and founder of Bodega World Music – A spicy Sensation that blends worlds and cultures both on-stage and off. Although raised in NYC, her background is an exotic mix of Israeli Safardic (Spanish), Yemenite,


    Morroccan,Turkish and Dutch. Her NYC edge and the blend of these cultures along with a few she has adopted along the way throughout her many travels is what defines her and her music. Reaching out to her International audience, she is ready to break down boundaries, as a catalyst for unity and peace, through Music. From NYC clubs to World Festivals her Live show will get you off your feet dancing and shaking to the rhythms and beats of the world.

    <a href=”http://elenumeji.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/[email protected]″ download=””>Download</a>


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