Bill to legalize weed in Ohio has been voted out


On Tuesday, Ohio failed to garner enough votes to become the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana.

 Voters decided not to pass Issue 3, which, Fox 19 reports, would have allowed people 21 and over “to buy one ounce of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use.”

“Responsible Ohio is ready to try again for years to come,” Zona told MTV News via email. “It is uncertain if they would drop the oligopoly. I doubt it, because they would lose major funding from the 10 perspective growers. It may take years longer for Cannabis to become legalized. In the mean time thousands of people will be arrested/charged for Cannabis crimes in a racially disproportionate manner and medical patients will be victims of the war on drugs.

“However a more optimal amendment may gather enough signatures,” he continued. “This may be unlikely though, because in a state like Ohio during this specific time it takes a large amount of money and lots of conviction to get a Cannabis amendment on the ballot. Money is a large incentive to have conviction. That is how Responsible Ohio got their amendment on the ballot, millions of dollars and determination.”

Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have already legalized recreational marijuana.