Blessing Okagbare Talks Setting Goals & Focus for NIKE’s #AfricaSoFast Campaign


Sportswear brand, NIKE has launched its #AfricaSoFast campaign and is sharing the inspiring story of Africa’s Fastest Woman, Nigerian – Blessing Okagbare to inspire and motivate the world.

As she prepares for the upcoming World Track & Field Championships in Beijing, the brand speaks to the 26-year-old world-class sprinter and long jumper with a 100-meter record breaking time of 10.77 seconds, on what makes her tick. She shares her concerns on always outdoing her best, her love for gospel music, her everyday routine, what the future holds and more.

Blessing Okagbare AfricaSoFastCampaign Elenumeji

Read excerpts from her interview with NIKE Women;

On growing up against the grain
Growing up I was very skinny and someone told me that I could never do sports because I was too soft and fragile. I didn’t let it get to me. I pushed through and became a jumper. Then, I set a new goal to be a runner. It’s all about setting goals and keeping your mind set on those goals. Don’t ever give up on yourself.

On what she does prior to training
I listen to a song that inspires me, something about victory and success.

On registering only her own performance and what it’s like training with her competition
Training with competitors does not get to me because I focus on myself. During the race, I don’t even notice if my training partner is in the race, but I don’t underestimate anyone. As long as you are on the starting line, you are a competitor.

We are very excited for Blessing and can’t wait to watch her bring home the gold!


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