Colorado students caught trading nude photos


A shocking investigation at a Colorado high school found that at least 100 students had been trading nude pictures of themselves and others using secret apps on their phones to hide their activity from their parents and teachers.

The investigation, which began Monday (Nov. 2) at Cañon City High School, found that the students — some as young as eighth grade — had been trading hundreds of pictures using a secret “photo vault” app that looks like a calculator. Many of the illicit photos had been taken on school property, and since several of the photos depicted members of the school’s football team, this weekend’s upcoming football game has been cancelled.

George Welsh, the superintendent of the Cañon City School District, spoke with The New York Times about how the photos were discovered. “I do believe one of our high school assistant principals was familiar with this particular app,” he said. A statement on the school’s Facebook page explains that the investigation began from student reports and an anonymous tip left on Colorado’s Safe2Tell program.

On Friday (Nov. 6) Captain Jim Cox of the Cañon City Police Department said that no arrests had been made in the case, yet it’s possible that some students could face criminal charges.


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