Condolences pour in for departed Nana Gichuru


THE acting fraternity and celebrities expressed their sorrow following the death of young Kenyan actress, musician, voice artist and aspiring filmmaker Nana Gichuru.

Nana, who was also an employee at Kenya Airways, perished in a nasty road accident on Tuesday morning in Nairobi. She was driving her BMW convertible saloon car when she was involved in a head-on collision with an oncoming lorry on the eastern bypass near Utawala.

Actress Lizz Njagah said: “OMG, just received some terrible news… Still in shock. Nana, RIP dear one. You were so talented, so full of life… My condolences go out to your family and loved ones. May they rest assured in the fact that they will see you again some day. #GoneTooSoon #WayTooSoon.”

Nick Ndeda, an actor and X-FM presenter said, “RIP Kanana. Sad and sorry you had to go out that way.”

Film producer Simiyu Barasa wrote: “Oooh Nana. Finest actress. Sweetest soul. Will 4eva remember the breaking bottle on the ‘How To Find A Husband’ set. R.I.P.”

“#KananaGichuru another soul gone too soon…but I must say, she lived her life well. ‘Be not afraid of death. Be afraid of having never lived.’ Nana R.I.P,” said award wining actor and blogger Gerald Langiri.

Actor Ken Ambani wrote on Instagram: “In memory of my friend, colleague in the art industry and above all, a sister. You left so soon… RIP Nana.”

“I lost a good friend today. Kanana, I write to you as a form of final goodbye. The news is shocking, terrible and I am still in disbelief. I’ve known you for many years and I know that you are one person who is always full of life, excitement and YOLO to the fullest… May we always be infected with what you always brought out: Fullness of life; abundance and joy. #Funtimes! You will be dearly missed. Rest my dear, rest and find peace,” read a post by rapper and emcee DNG.

Actress and TV host Sarah Hassan said: “Getting calls and messages left and right as to whether this amazing soul passed today, my head hurts just thinking about it, I’m still waiting on someone to call me to say it isn’t true. Just the other day we were talking about going back to coast next month to celebrate her anniversary. I am beyond words with sadness, RIP my darling, you were an amazing person, an amazing friend, an amazing soul. I love you Nana Gichuru.”

Our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.