Dumb Crook: Kidnapper arrested while withdrawing ransom money from bank


A young man who wanted to make quick money by kidnapping an innocent toddler was nabbed as he was about to withdraw the ransom.

The dumb crook, Nicholas Nwabueze with Ifeoma and Somtochukwu

A 22-year-old man, Nicholas Nwabueze, thought he could make some fast money from kidnapping when he abducted the two-year-old son of his neighbour and making a demand for a ransom of N500,000.

But it was in the process of withdrawing the money at a bank in that he met his waterloo as men of the Imo State Police Command were waiting for him.

It was learnt that Nwabueze had kidnapped little Somtochukwu Olewu, whose mother, Ifeoma, was his neighbour and customer, at the family’s compound at Zone 4, World Bank Area, New Owerri, on October 27.

After kidnapping the boy, he placed a call to the parents, asking for a ransom of N500,000 and when he got an alert on his phone, he went to the bank to make some withdrawals only to walk into the arms of the police who were waiting for him after the parents of the kid had informed them of the kidnap.

He was to confess that he wanted to obtain quick money from the parents of the boy since the father resides in China



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