EDSPHCDA trains staff on confidentiality in the Work Place

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By Edward Oseghe

In  a pursuit of excellence in the primary health care sector, Mrs. Nora Ogbebor-Nwadialo Esq., a seasoned lawyer led the charge in a profound training session centered on the invaluable concept of workplace confidentiality in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

Guided by the expertise of EDSPHCDA Human Resources Consultant, Mr. Johnny Usifoh, the training was a dynamic exchange of knowledge.

Mrs. Nora defined workplace confidentiality as keeping the employee, customer and client information private.

The session continued with Mrs Nora addressing the reason why confidentiality in the workplace is important for reasons such as trust and professionalism, protection of sensitive information, legal and ethical obligations.

Diving deeper, staff were enlightened about the various forms of confidential information, spanning employee and managerial information, organizational information, customer or contact information and professional information.

Questions arose from the training, one of such was, when should confidentiality be breached, if ever? In response, Mrs. Nora delineated instances when the greater good outweighs confidentiality, such as when organizational interests are compromised, professional ethics are at stake, or potential criminal activities emerge.

The training concluded with a reminder of the repercussions of breaching confidentiality in the workplace which results in damaged trust as well as legal ramifications, and in some cases termination of appointment.

The HR Consultant, Mr Johnny Usifoh stated that, “As the Agency embarks on the journey of continuous training initiatives, it heralds a brighter future where EDSPHCDA staff stand as shining examples of professionalism and paragon of excellence in delivering quality healthcare services to Edo people.” (The Nigerian Observer)

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