‘Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow he’s at least undead


Ever since the “Game of Thrones” Season 5 finale, fans have wondered one big question about Jon Snow, and now we might finally have an answer..
'Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow he's at least undead _2

So is Jon Snow dead or not? Well, according to “Game of Thrones” fanatics site Watchers on the Wall, he’s at least undead.

Rumors about Kit Harington reprising his role as Snow on “Game of Thrones” have been going around for a while, but now the website reports their sources have spotted the actor on set in Northern Ireland participating in a huge battle scene involving Stark bannermen the Umbers, the Boltons, wildlings and perhaps others.

So, if this is true, it means Harington isn’t just back, but he also might introduce the Boltons to his sword, Longclaw, and, you know

The Huffington Post reached out to HBO about the report, but they declined to comment.

Little is known about Season 6 at this point, since the show has basically caught up to the books. The Jon Snow storyline is a huge cliffhanger from George R.R. Martin’s most recently released novel in the series, A Dance with Dragons. But with reports that HBO may be consolidating filming to fewer locations this year, some on Reddit speculate this is to pour more funds into making a massively huge battle scene in Season 6. A battle which, just perhaps, may include Jon Snow.

So next time you hear Harington telling people that his character is dead and gone, just remember