‘I’m forced to wear makeup every day’: Caitlyn Jenner


Kim Kardashian spent some time with Caitlyn Jenner for a clip shared to the E! queen’s new website kimkardashianwest.com on Friday.

In it, the two are side-by-side in the kitchen showing off the Mexican corn the 34-year-old Mrs Kanye West made for dinner.

But talk then turned to makeup and the 65-year-old former Olympian started to bemoan the glam process she adopted when she stopped being Bruce. ‘I am forced to wear the makeup every day,’ the ex of Kris Jenner, 59, declared.

She quickly interjected, ‘I am forced [to wear makeup] because Kim Kardashian told me I gotta rock it every day.’

'I'm forced to wear makeup every day'- Caitlyn Jenner -2

'I'm forced to wear makeup every day'- Caitlyn Jenner -4 'I'm forced to wear makeup every day'- Caitlyn Jenner -44.jpp

The Vanity Fair cover lady added, ‘If I walk out the door and don’t look at least good and presentable they’re gonna use that shot forever.’

Kim then giggled as she realized Caitlyn was right, Kim did tell her to always be glammed up.

Caitlyn also offers to do Kim’s makeup for her one day.

‘I don’t even think I would even trust u to come near my face with makeup,’ Kim said

But then she changes her mind.

‘I’m doing tutorials all week. I will fully wash my face and let you do my makeup if I have nowhere to go.,’ added the pregnant star. She is due in December and expecting a son.

Also in the clip Kim shows off a cake North West, aged two, made for her before handing it off to Bruce.

The Dash Dolls guest star also talks about the corn she made.

‘Is that not the best, my corn?’ the brunette coos. ‘It’s kinda like a Mexican corn dish maybe a little Brazilian It’s one of my weird cravings right now.’


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