Is Olamide A Rapper OR Singer? (Must Read)

Olamide Baddo is lately Nigerians finest street Credibility – No doubt!!!

Believe me, everything he does lately turns out to be HIT and any slang from him get on everybody’s lip, any dance step from this Dude is everybody favorite… #Shakitibobo

My Problem now is; OLAMIDE started with outstanding RAP winning numerous awards and one time he said “street ti take over meaning indigenous flavor is now the newest Vogue” then he started strictly street Rap and now he does more of singing, RnB and Dance Halls.

NOTE: He now have no Award lately on either Rappers categories or on Singers category •••|&|••• Bt Hey! he is making a whole lot of money lately!!! (Indigenous RAP is more like a Legacy from Late Dagrin which Olamide took over to rescue) (Money is one of best benefit of good talent).

Let me ask you guys this Simple questions and I want you all to answer sincerely….

1. Do you think Olamide is making sense more now?
2. You feel he’s a jack of all trades?
3. You feel man just gotta do what he gotta do to make money, Rap or Sing?
4. You feel its not just about money, but legacy?

5. Compare him with other’s

From your Own View, Is Olamide A Singer Or Rapper?

Drop your Comments.



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