It Is Not Often That An Entertainer Gets To The Top Without Some Form Of Scandal


It is not often that an entertainer gets to the top without some form of scandal; multiple-award winning rapper, Olamide is not an exception.

In an interview with My Africa, the YBNL boss talked about his love life, his baby mama and some scandals he has been involved in.

Of his love child, he said: “I’m very happy with the fact that I have a kid right now. I just can’t live that young and reckless ‘Mr. Man’ kind of life anymore. It’s nice, it’s good. I wasn’t scared at all. I’ve been longing to have a baby since I was in SS3 but I wouldn’t want to have a baby that’s going to come to this world and suffer. I think I’m good financially. I’m more mature and all that”.

Olamide Lagos Boys elenumeji

He also revealed his greatest fears which is not making heaven and failure.
He also spoke on his relationship with his family, revealing a bit of his disappointment in how his dad had handled certain issues concerning his family.

“My dad was too bothered about so many people, and satisfying outsiders more than family. My pops used to spend for outsiders more than us back then so I think that really affected us in a way, like big time. Like when we were supposed to move out of the ghetto… Even till now, my pops built his house in the ghetto. I’ve been begging him like ‘Yo pops, let’s move out of Bariga’ but he just wants his people around.”

The Shakiti Bobo raper said his parents never allowed him listen to popular Afrobeat singer, Fela.

He said: “The only thing my parents never allowed me to listen to was Fela’s music. It’s crazy. They said Fela is too crazy. But they do listen to Fela’s music. They think Fela smokes, this and that, so they didn’t want us to get influenced by that.”

On his rumoured beef with Chocolate City CEO, M.I Abaga, he said: “Let me shock you. The first time I met M.I, I met him through my former manager Tony Nwakalor. I think someone was having a birthday party – maybe Ice Prince or something – then M.I was the one who took us into the club. Back then there were some places I couldn’t easily enter, like the bouncers they were going to like just mess with me big time. But M.I took me in like freely and all. I can never forget that. I don’t know if he remembers though. So I’ve never had any issues with him. We’ve never met one on one and had any disagreements or something like that.”