Kachikwu Addresses Fuel Scarcity Fears; Reviews Fuel Subsidy Payments.

Nigeria – Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu has decried the fuel scenario in the country, saying the corporation is doing all it can to salvage the situation.
Speaking during the weekend, Kachikwu said the corporation is speeding up the payment of the subsidy claims, and that plans are on ground to review the subsidy system and bring down the amount of subsidy from about N20 per litre to about N5 per litre.
“The problems are actually more serious than we think, so Nigerians need to work hard and begin to add value,” just as he noted that the president is deeply worried about the prevailing situation in the industry and has gave him the mandate to fix the problems, “and I will never do things that will compromise my integrity,” he stated.
“We are out for transparency. We will be engaging the presidency on weekly basis, the governors monthly, and the National Assembly on monthly basis, while we continue to publish our reports monthly,” he added.

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