Kreston Broadens Service Spectrum, Now Ecovis OUC


In a strategic move to reshape the landscape of Nigerian professional service delivery, Kreston OUC (chartered accountants) has announced its transformation into Ecovis OUC by aligning with Ecovis network.

Managing partner of the company, Andrew Uviase said the firm is being rebranded to bolster consulting services for Nigerian businesses, while promising enhanced value and effective partnerships for informed decision-making.

With a legacy spanning 80 countries and a global network comprising about 10,000 professionals, Ecovis is internationally renowned for its comprehensive consulting solutions encompassing taxation advice, accounting, auditing, and management consulting.

“The transition to Ecovis OUC underscores the firm’s unwavering dedication to broadening its service spectrum and delivering unmatched excellence to its diverse clientele,” Uviase said in a statement he issued yesterday.

The managing partner said integration into the Ecovis network presents Nigerian businesses with an invaluable opportunity to tap into worldwide expertise seamlessly fused with localised insights. “This dynamic synergy empowers businesses to confront global challenges with tailored local solutions.”

In the rebranding statement, the company said it has specific tailored solutions for all businesses to add more values to their services. Ecovis OUC maintained its resolute commitment to nurturing all businesses with a comprehensive, all-inclusive solution for addressing financial, managerial, and administrative complexities. The approach capitalises on varied expertise to offer holistic solutions.

The company said every client of Ecovis OUC is paired with a dedicated personal advisor—an experienced business professional well-attuned to local dynamics and international trends. This advisor network guarantees clients access to a diverse array of insightful solutions that foster growth.

“The rebranding resonates with the firm’s mission to fortify client relationships, a cornerstone for effective decision-making. The personalised approach of Ecovis OUC empowers clients with indispensable insights, enabling them to make strategic choices confidently.

“Our transition to Ecovis OUC signifies our unwavering commitment to elevating services and nurturing client partnerships. We are steadfast in our mission to equip Nigerian businesses with the tools and insights needed to not just thrive but excel in the dynamic realm of modern business.

“This transformation epitomises Ecovis OUC’s pledge to deliver premium professional services. Aligned with the Ecovis network, the firm stands poised to provide exceptional support to Nigerian businesses striving to enhance their performance and deliver superior returns to their stakeholders,” Mr Uviase stated.

Culled from LEADERSHIP.