[List] 6 Most Controversial Pastors In Nigeria


This is a few list of Nigerian pastors with much controversies surrounding their activities as a Pastor ranging from miracles, claims, wealth and attitudes.
They are:
Pastor TB Joshua
Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua, is a Nigerian preacher. He is the leader and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, a religious organisation that runs the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos, Nigeria
According to media reports, at least three people in London with HIV have died after they stopped taking life saving drugs on the advice of their evangelical Christian pastors. “The women died after attending churches in London where they were encouraged to stop taking the antiretroviral drugs in the belief that God would heal them.” The HIV prevention charity African Health Policy Network (AHPN) believed that the SCOAN, which has UK headquarters in Southwark, south London, “may” be one of those involved in such practices. However the three in question have no demonstrable link to the SCOAN. The BBC quoted the SCOAN as saying “No, we do not ask people to stop taking their medication”.
On 14 September 2015 it was reported that Joshua “secretly purchase $60 Million Gulfstream G550 Private Jet”. He claimed that “the jet was paid for by at least eight African Heads of State in 2014”. However these rumours were dismissed as false by Ezekiel, a media aide of Joshua


Chris Oyakhilome
Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian minister who is the founding president of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as “Christ Embassy”, a Bible-based Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.
Oyakhilome has been the target of the Nigerian government’s scrutiny for his meetings and alleged miracles. Oyakhilome has also been a target of criticism by the Treatment Action Campaign for his support of faith healing to cure HIV.


Prophet Kayode Abiara
He is the General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church.
On Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 a high court in Ibadan served Pastor Elijah Taiwo Abiara a summons from the United States for possible contempt of a Florida State Family Law Court.
The charge: failure to pay ten years of child support, an amount in excess of approximately 140 million Naira (N140,25,0000). The equivalent sum in the United States hovers just under one million dollars at $809,524.


Pastor Tunde Bakare
He’s not only the most controversial amongst Nigerian pastors but also almost outspoken and he might have hit the nail on the head when he said all Nigerian pastors including him should be jailed for corruption. Pastor Tunde Bakare, who practised his law profession before he became a pastor, knows that he had got some money since he became a pastor that he is not supposed to have touched in form of offerings and the excesses of some of his colleagues in the ministry irked him to making such confession.


Ayo Oritsejafor
The Founder and Senior Pastor of Word of Life Bible Churchtops our list of most controversial Nigerian pastors of 2014 for his involvement in the private jet caught smuggling $9.3 million into South Africa.
Ayo Orisejafor was fiercely criticised for his involvement in the whole scandal with many even accusing the Christian leader of being one of the financiers and backers of the insurgent sect,Boko Haram.
Pastor Orisejafor however denied any involvement revealing that he was the owner of the plane but had no idea it was going to be used for smuggling because he had leased it out to a company on a long term basis, who were themselves subleased it out to other companies for regular trips. He was later cleared of any misdoings in the matter.
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is seen by many as a PDP partisan because of his relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan which has made him a bête noire especially to the opposition parties.


Chris Okotie
After his incendiary statement that “all Catholics worship Satan, they will go to hell” in late 2013, Pastor Chris Okotie never stayed away from controversies since 2014. The Delta State preacher was involved in an exchange of words with leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria. After calling for the resignation of the president of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor over his involvement in the $9.3m smuggled into South Africa, CAN responded, questioning his doctrines as a pastor and accused him of not keeping to the Bible’s standard of one man, one wife.“Is Chris Okotie a Christian? How many wives has he? Was the questioned posed by the director of national issues of CAN. In the year 2014, a former keyboardist and church worker at the Rev. Chris Okotie led Household of God Church, Okiotor Dafiaghor, a.k.a. Dafphee, opened up on what he termed the messy sexcapades of the twice divorced man of God and also said he has sued the pastor over unpaid salaries.