Man Who Died Two Years Ago ‘Rises’ Every Night To Have Sex With His Widow


A Zimbabwean woman is claiming that the spirit of her dead husband has been brought back to life in order to have sex with her as part of a ritual cleansing process.

Witch-hunters in the village reportedly discovered an infant’s skull dug from the dead man’s grave causing his spirit to rise and demand sex from his wife.

The widow confirmed the claims by the witch hunters, in the process angering the deceased man’s family.

It all came out when Chief Magama invited witch-hunters to cleanse the village which had been lately dominated by bad vibes.

Upon arrival at the deceased Mpilo Henry Moyo’s homestead, the witch hunters told the deceased’s wife, Siphindile Ncube, that there was an infant’s skull inside her late husband’s grave that brings him from the dead to come and have sex with her.

Strangely enough,  the wife confirmed that indeed she had been seeing visions of her husband and even had sex constantly with him. She said she couldn’t sleep at night and sometimes he even came during the day to demand for sex.

The witch-hunters burnt the skull afterwards so that the randy spirit would stop being visiting the widow..

However, the matter did not go down well with other relatives, including Elliot Dube, the uncle to the deceased.

Dube is said to have labelled the act of these witch hunters as bogus and reported the matter to the police.

Dube took the news crew to the grave where the skull was removed. He castigated the ill-practices of the witch-hunters.

The three witch hunters were arrested for unlawful entry. They however, escaped with fines.