Oge Okoye In Assassination Mess As She Goes Blind

How can a blind woman testify in a court of law? How will she be able to identify and describe the accused?

An ambush is staged for Shirley as she arrives the country to meet with her family.

Narrowly escaping death, she is joined by a traumatized young lady and they both stop at nothing to uncover the reality behind the attempted murder.

Why will a sister want her sister dead?

Will Isabella’s charm and innocence save her from the den of the killers?

The Blind Witness is a story of love, hatred, covetousness and greed.

It is a movie that talks about the agony of a widow and that of an unprotected orphan who is being taken advantage of by people who are meant to take care of her.

The Blind Witness is produced by Silver Ukagwu and it features Oge Okoye, Fred Amim, Daniel Lloyd and others.


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