PDP Senators’ll Soon Defect to APC – Senate Leader


Nigeria’s Senate Leader, Sen. Ali Ndume in a Leadership interview has said PDP senators’ll soon defect to the APC.
According to him, the confidence the PDP senators have is in their number because they occupy 49 seats.
“So, they are thinking that since they have about 40 percent, they can be a clog in the wheel of our progress but it does not work that way. In the US Congress as it stands now, Republicans are 54, Democrats are 44 and you have 2 independent candidates yet, they working.
“My question therefore will be, is it in the interest of PDP to make things not work? Is that why they are in the Senate? I do not think so. They are senators of the Federal Republic and not senators of PDP. So, those statements are just coming out of emotions.
“Besides, the day to day decisions of the Senate chambers require a simple majority and the business of the Senate starts with a simple quorum. 60 is more than a quorum, it is in fact, double the quorum and if we had six more members, we would have had two-thirds.
He added that the opposition senators will cross over to the APC “because PDP is in a coma and only God knows when it will recover.”
“As you can see now, they do not have any doctor or pharmacist and the only nurse is Olisa Metuh,” he said.


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