Peter Okoye Lashes Out At SoundCity TV For Not Airing P-Square Videos


Looks like there’s a lot of tension between P-Square and TV music station, SoundCity TV and it all boiled over a few hours ago when Peter Okoye called them out for not airing P-Square videos. Here’s what Peter Okoye had to say on twitter: Don’t waste ur time dear… They will not play them … Pls keep watching Trace TV, Mtvbase HipTv n Afropop. Thanks — Peter Okoye (@PeterPsquare) September 10, 2015

Ignore that channel pls and keep watching us on great channels like Mtvbase,Tracetv,HipTv and Afropop thanks — Peter Okoye (@PeterPsquare)

September 10, 2015 Dear fans, we see your complains about the absence of our videos on @SOUNDCITYtv, just to clear the air they refuse to play us. — Peter Okoye (@PeterPsquare)

September 10, 2015 Pls keep watching us on other reliable channel like Mtvbase, HipTv, Tracetv, Afropop and other terrestrial channels. Thanks for the love. — Peter Okoye (@PeterPsquare)

September 10, 2015 SoundCity however were not going to back down from that tongue lashing, and went ahead to say that P-Square have not done anything for them. In an article posted on their website, they detailed some of the events that happened to escalate this sitituation to where it is now, and it started from a SoundCity Event in December 2014.

Here’s part of what was said in the article:

We have assisted the #PSquare brand, toured with them over Africa at our expense. Gave them ad-spots for their events / projects. Gave them prime time slots for their videos and included them in our array of Programmes / programming. We invited #PSquare to one of our annual events last December 2014 and they insisted we pay a certain amount of money. We reasonably asked, what is the least we can offer?; this was us foregoing the fact that we had invested a lot in #PSquare’s career as music talents / artistes & entertainers.

The feedback was, “WHAT HAS SOUNDCITY EVER DONE FOR PSQUARE? TELL ME ONE THING SOUNDCITY HAS EVER DONE FOR PSQUARE” (Jude Okoye, Manager). While we understand that this is business, there is also room for special consideration. Saying our TV brand has never done anything for #PSquare was quite damning. Clearly, there was no need to argue with their decision and reasoning.

We decided to stop ‘doing anything’ with/for #PSquare, since our 10years of supporting the group meant nothing to them. We assumed our relationship was a mutually beneficial one, but clearly one-sided. The also went on to say that they stopped airing P-Square videos in January 2015, and state that they reserve the right to air whichever videos they choose.

They also went on to post a video of an interview they had with P-Square in 2013.

Dear #SoundcityTV & #PSquare Fans, For 10 Years, @SoundcityTV has been a huge supporter of #PSquare… —

Soundcity Africa (@SOUNDCITYtv) September 10, 2015

Wow! Looks like this just boiled over unnecessarily and could’ve been ironed out much better.


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