[PHOTO] Sambo, Ibekwe, Obinna,Olutayo – List Of Most Wanted Nigerian Criminals In The UK


UK’s most wanted are individuals of various nationalities sought in connection for crimes including murder, sexual assault, burglary, violence and more.
1 List Of Most Wanted Nigerian Criminals In The UK
Olu Suliman, aged 30-35, aka William Suliman is wanted in relation to a 2008 rape investigation.

Omoniyi Adefeyetin is wanted by British Transport Police for over allegation of rape. The victim was pushed down and bitten on the chest by Adefeyetin, he then forced her to remove her clothes.

Adefeytin then physically pinned her down to the floor by holding her hands together and forcibly honeypotlly molested her by inserting his peen. The victim repeatedly attempted to struggle and continually told him no and to stop. Adefeyetin throughout said to victim you are my wife, we have to be together. This is not true as they are not a legally married couple.

Abdul Ganiu Adedopo Sambo, age25-30 has failed to attend British Transport Police Custody in relation to an offence of Sexual Assault from Tuesday 21st April 2015. Enquiries made also show that Mr. Sambo is involved in Fraud and Possession of False Documents with intent.


Freeman David Ibekwe,35-40 is wanted by South Yorkshire Police for Tax Credit fraud and Money Laundering. Ibekwe failed to attend Sheffield Crown and is wanted on warrant.

Olutayo Owolabi,35-40 is still at large for 27 offences relating to tax credits and money laundering. In January 2010, Owalabi was convicted in absence and sentenced to nine months. He is believed to be in the UK.

Obinna Emenalu,35-40. Nicknames: Simon Emenalu, Emenalu Dube, Simon Dube, Obinna Simon Emenalu.


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