Release Of Prisoners In Kuje Prison Motive Behind Kuje, Nyanya Bombing

After a year of relative peace, Abuja was once again hit with fresh wave of bomb blasts rocking Kuje and Nyanya suburbs of the city, yesterday night.

The multiple explosions were said to have been carried out by a female suicide bomber who attempted hitting the Kuje police station at about 9:51pm and a second blast from a suicide bomber on a motorcycle who detonated explosives in front of the Kuje market, killing dozens of people 15 minutes later.

A security source who preferred anonymity told LEADERSHIP Weekend that the target of the bombing was the freeing of some Boko Haram prisoners that were incarcerated at the Kuje prisons, alluding to the fact that the Nyanya bombing which occurred was meant to be a decoy.


The blast which is the first in the satellite town of Kuje was said to have shaken several buildings and sent many residents scampering for cover.

An eye witness told LEADERSHIP Weekend that a female suicide bomber attempted to gain entrance into the Kuje divisional police headquarters through the back fence, but while she was trying to scale the fence, the bomb strapped to her exploded and killed her instantly.

He added that about 15 minutes later, a young man on a motorcycle rode close to the gate of the Kuje main market and detonated his explosives killing many of those engaging in night trading. He said he saw 13 bodies being evacuated to the national hospital. He also added that several dozens of those injured were also taken to the National Hospital.

In reaction to the blast, he said the commissioner of police and other senior military officers rushed to the scene, cordoned off the area and assisted in evacuating both the injured and the death.

A third explosion was reported at Jukwoyi Bus Station after the Nyanya Bridge about 10:10 pm later. Nyanya was the scene of two deadly bombings in 2014, leading to scores of death at the crowded Bus Station.

Reports as at press time were not clear of the number of casualties but another eye witness told LEADERSHIP Weekend that the suicide bomber that carried the Nyanya blast died in it.

Meanwhile, our source also revealed that the agency had earlier arrested two suspects in Lagos and one in Kaduna following intense trailing and tracking of the suspects.

Following massive operations and renewed vigor in the war against Boko Haram, members of the sect have been in disarray runing helter skelter across the country. The Chief of Defence Intellgence office, recently arrested the two suspects memtioned earlier in Lagos.

“We had arrested suspects who had confessed to this plots and more but the date and timing for this act was not precise even as we kept intercepting their phone calls made within themselves. They were missed by just 35 minutes. Their target was to blow up Kuje Prison and set free their members there but of course it was not to be and hence the resort to bombings. Nyanya was just a decoy, the real target was the Kuje prison,” our source stated.


Source : Leadership


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