Rihanna Has A New Hairstyle


The past few weeks of our lives have, unfortunately, been largely Rihanna-free. While she announced she’s launching her own beauty and photo agencies, she hasn’t been out and about with the frequency we’re used to.

It’s been hard, but we’re coping. Thankfully, Rih was spotted out on Thursday night (Nov. 12), with a new ’do. This will help us power through until more news about Anti drops


At the end of October, Rihanna debuted blue hair. It seems as though she quickly tired of it, trading it in for a black bob with bangs. While this isn’t the first time Rih’s showed us how to pull off a blunt bob—she had one at the beginning of 2014—it is the first time we’ve seen her pair black lipstick with it


With every new look we can’t help but wonder if it’s the one we’ll associate 4eva with the Anti era. While we’ve had that hope for both her red and blue hair, it seems like things are still in flux, which is exciting. We would so not be mad at this sleek bob for the Anti era, though. Just saying.