Saraki promises to reveal details of 2016 budget


Senate President Bukola Saraki on Sunday said the national assembly would make public the details of the 2016 budget. Saraki said the development was in fulfillment of his inaugural promise and part of efforts to satisfy the curiosity of some Nigerians who had been clamouring that the budget should be made public.

“By the time we come into the 2016 budget, at the end of the year, it will be clearer because people will see one item line,”

read a statement issued on his behalf by Bamikole Omishore, one of his media aides. “But that is not going to happen now; you will see what goes to the senate and what goes to the house of representatives. “You are going to see what goes to the management, what goes to the legislative institute and we are going to make all these open and clear. That is part of the openness we promised.” He recalled that at his inauguration on June 9, he promised that there would be

“change from impunity and elite arrogance to a life of accountability and respect for every citizen”.

“As the president of the 8th senate and chairman of the national assembly, I shall be guided by the enormity of the responsibilities that this moment imposes on all of us,”

he said. Saraki restated his commitment to being accessible to the citizens on the dealings of the senate, saying he understood the expectations of Nigerians from him as president of the senate.