Adeola Adewale grew up as a very spoilt child; being the only child of the CEO of an Oil Company and the Head Surgeon at the most reputable hospital in Nigeria. His parents barely had time to spend with him so he practically did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. On his 15th birthday, his parents had a “surprise” for him. First off he was getting the latest Apple products and a hover board, but more importantly he was getting a maid by the name Amaka. Amaka was in her early 20s, fair, just a little bit shorter than he was but damn! Imagine Nicki’s chest and Ambers legs; she had everything just right and she was going to be his maid? Were his parents trying to tempt him?

Deola had only known her for a week now but he couldn’t stop staring her. Of course she noticed and always blushed. Luckily for Deola, his 3 month summer holiday had just started so he was home all day, with Amaka whose entire wardrobe was made up and tight skirts, jeans and leggings with shirts that made her twins seem like watermelons. Deola had never really had a relationship with a girl before but an opportunity to explore had been given to him on a platter of gold.

 It was a Wednesday morning and his parents had left the house very early as usual; that meant he was with Amaka alone and she barely had any chores to do that day. He was just coming out his room when he saw her in a loose dress that still hung to her body for some reason. In the words of YCEE “ yansh so big e dey back you dey see am for the front” and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

They both stared and each other for a little while till she noticed the bulge in his shorts and giggled then left. “ the way this amaka girl is so damn fine is just not natural at al” he thought to himself as he readjusted his oga at the bottom. An hour later he was hungry and went to the kitchen and there was again, still in that killer dress but this time she had a bra on. “is there anything to eat?” he asked. “it depends on what you want to eat” she said with a slight giggle.

At this point Deola was finding it hard to control himself. Yes he didn’t have any experience but that statement definitely meant something. She turned around to the cooker to prepare some rice and he saw his opportunity. He crept behind her and grabbed her by the waist. She jumped at first then relaxed and started grinding him a little. He couldn’t take it anymore; he turned her around in one fluid motion and kissed her deeply. Of course his hands found that bootay that had tortured him so much in such a short time and she moaned in appreciation. He was just starting to fondle with her huge boobs when he heard the front door opening and closing. Footsteps approached the kitchen…


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