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Footsteps approached the kitchen and for a moment Deola thought he was totally screwed. He and Amaka quickly let go of each other; she turned to the sink pretending to wash something while he ran to the fridge pretending to take out some juice. His father walked in a few moments later asking where his phone was and Amaka told him she saw it on the dining table. Deola did of a good job of hiding the huge bulge in his shorts and so his father didn’t notice it at all.

30 minutes later his dad was out of the house again but not before saying he would be working late into the night; “that only means more time with sweet Amaka” Deola thought. He went to his room to play some video games, all in a bit to try to get his mind off Amaka but it didn’t work. She was just so mesmerizing and beautiful; the way her big boobs bounced a little when she walked, the way her butt jiggled from left to right like it wanted to tear through her skirts, her cute little lips that were to die for. No! He couldn’t wait to kiss them again, not after seeing how much she wanted to kiss him.

He decided to go look for her and found her in the living room watching tv. She was done with all the cooking and cleaning and washing so she could relax a little seeing as her bosses would be coming home late as usual. When she noticed him she blushed and turned away; he saw this and got an extra boost of confidence. He walked up to where she was sitting and sat so close to her, their bodies couldn’t help but touch. At this point neither Deola nor Amaka cared what was showing on the tv. He took a deep breath and placed his right hand on her thighs and immediately her breathing increased. He was just about to slip them under her short skirt fully when she got up and ran towards the dining table. He was shocked and a little embarrassed; a couple hours ago she was kissing him deeply now she was running away from him. He went after her and asked what the problem was but she didn’t answer and that bothered him. He sat her down and looked her straight in the eyes; she blushed of course and said “I really like you, though you’re younger than me and you’re technically my oga. But I just like you. Since the first day I came to this house I’ve been thinking about you but I didn’t know if it was right to tell you; didn’t want to look like an ashawo”.

Deola was shocked at what he was hearing “I really like you”. He had won big time; he told her he liked her too and that she shouldn’t be afraid to tell him how she felt. She kissed him before he could say any more, her tongue exploring his mouth, his hand grabbing her twins and squeezing gently. She stopped right in the middle and said “ be right back. Don’t move”. Deola didn’t know what to expect anymore as his head was already spinning and his cock threatened to tear through his shorts. She returned a minute later wearing a tight tank top with no bra that she showed off her erect nipples.

The tank top was kinda long and she dragged it down so it just about covered her massive ass. She knelt down right in front of him, unzipped his shorts and freed his monster. It was fully erect and ready for duty. She stroked it a couple times before putting it all in her mouth; she deep throated him and it was driving him nuts. As she increased the pace and went faster with her head bopping up and down his shaft, he felt his sack constricting. She felt it too and eased up. she got up and straddled him on his seat, carefully directing his member into her wet pussy. She looked him in the eyes and told him “Deola, FUCK ME PLEASE!


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