[SEASON 1] 18+ Story: A Tale Of Ascension [EPISODE 3]


Those words, the way they came out her cute pink lips, it was hard not to oblige her. Deola held her waist and dragged her in for a kiss but that wasn’t what she wanted. She needed to be smashed and she needed it now! Since she was straddling him, she started grinding him slowly, moaning and the feeling of his cock in her was simply amazing. In no time he took over and started thrusting from below; this just made her go mental!

She started uttering sounds he couldn’t decipher but in the middle he could hear her say “harder! Oh Deola, DEOLAAAAA!” He stopped his mid thrust and she screamed asking what the problem was. He just smiled, lifted her with his member still in her and took her to the couch. The look on her face was priceless as he dropped her carefully.

He turned her around doggy style and entered her again. She seemed so excited having his cock in her love tunnel again. He started slowly, barely going into her and this made her arc her back to give him a better angle. Just as it seemed like her body was calming down he rammed it into her fully with all his might; she screamed in acceptance and said those words again “FUCK ME PLEASE”.

His waist was on a different gear now, he was smashing her so hard he thought he might faint because his waist was moving so fast you could barely see it. He reached around her and grabbed her massive boobs as he felt his balls constrict. She raised her body up, back still arced and held unto his face as he shot his seed deep within her. After the first load she pushed him off and proceeded to suck the rest straight out of his throbbing member. She took the whole lot in without wasting a single dropped and sucked him dry.

They both collapsed on the couch breathing heavily, cuddling each other. She playing with his ding dong and he playing with her still erect nipples. After a few moments of silence between them, she went face to face with him and asked “CAN YOU GO AGAIN?”

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