[SEASON 1] 18+ Story: A Tale of Ascension [EPISODE 4]


It had been three months since Deola met his house girl/lover Amaka. Since their intimacy had started in the kitchen that day, they had banged each other all over the house. On the couch,the kitchen table,the dinning table, in the toilets, in the shower, even on the washing machines. Of course they hadn’t been caught as their skills in the stealth department had increased to James Bond levels. They even had sex when Deolas parents were around sometimes; pretty much any opportunity they got. Amaka was surprisingly faithful, even though lots of older guys approached her. It actually seemed she truly loved Deola or at least his cock anyway. Deola wasn’t really the outing type so he really didn’t meet new girls; that was until of course the new term started.

It had only been a week since school resumed but Deola had less and less time for Amaka. Even their bunking sessions had reduced as Deola had loads of schoolwork. Most times Amaka would have to settle for the little quicky in the corridor or just sucking his member under the dining table while he read.

Second week of school came and something Deola thought impossible hit him like a wrecking ball. It was chemistry class and the teachers instructed them to pair with themselves for the entire school session. Deola was already cursing under his breath thinking he’d be stuck with some guy or an annoying girl when this goddess from one of those fantasy movies walked up to him. She had hips to die for, was chocolate in complexion, lips that made Amakas look like shit,and her school shirt seemed so stretched out. “Hi, my name is Victoria. Can I be your lab partner?”

Deola was awe struck but of course he accepted and offered her a seat,trying his best not to trip over and spill chemicals;she was cute yes but he wasn’t about to die for a girl. He introduced himself but she said “oh, I already know your name. I’ve kinda had a crush on you since last year but I never had the guts to tell you”. At this point Deola was singing Shakiti bobo in his head. The expression on his face still showed shock and she noticed and blushed in embarrassment. She apologized for being too forward but he cut her short and said it was okay. He stared into her big brown eyes so much so that he forgot the class had started and that his hand was on her bare lap since her tight skirt had gone up when she sat down. He noticed his hand and quickly withdrew not looking her way almost till the end of the class. 5 minutes to end of chemistry period the teacher had given them the opportunity to rest and do nothing. That was when he felt tugging at his trousers. It was warn and soft; a hand! Victoria’s hand! She grabbed hold of his now erect member and squeezed a little. He looked at her but all she did was smile and return to her little hand exercises.

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