[SEASON 1] 18+ Story: A Tale of Ascension [Episode 5]


Victoria and Deola spent the whole day playing with each other under the table. At first he was a bit nervous but when she unzipped him and dipped her hand into his trousers he became more confident and daring. Just before their final period which would be free,they were sitting together in English class when Vickie excused herself to go to the bathroom. Immediately she she came back, she took his note turned to the back page and wrote “I’m not wearing any panties” and slid his note back to him. His cock grew strong as he read the little naughty note.

He slipped his hand under her skirt and into her inner thighs. She squeezed his hand and codedly covered her mouth so she wouldn’t moan. He knew he had her cornered and went for it. He flicked his finger up and down her lips; she was dripping wet already. Then he slipped a finger into her pussy. It was tight and firm and it grabbed onto his finger like it was life.

He started going in and out with his finger slowly and then sometimes faster. Vickie couldn’t take it any more and she begged him to stop before she ran mad. After he had removed his finger and she had rubbed her thighs together a little, she slipped him another note saying “meet me in the hall after closing. My pussy can’t take this anymore. I need you”.

It almost seemed like school didn’t want to close but it eventually did and Deola anticipating what awaited him, sneaked off to the hall. It was a bit dark as the lights were off. He stuck his head through the window a little to see if he would find her and find her he did. She was sitting on a little flight of stairs that led to the hall’s stage. He snuck in around her and knelt behind her; then he whispered into her ear “booooh”. She jumped in fear and Deola just laughed his ass off. ” ahan Deola that wasn’t funny jorh” Vickie said smacking him on the arm. “Baby I’m sorry na. You just looked too good I had to scare you a little” he said and he kept on laughing. She turned backing him pretending to be angry and he got a full view of her amazing butt. It made Amaka’s look crappy.

He grabbed her waist and kissed her neck softly;she tilted her head back to give him more room. In a swift motion she turned and kisses him deeply then told him to sit on the stairs. He obeyed like a pet being trained. She sat on his laps,her butt directly on his now erect member and lapdanced him slowly. Moving left to right,making circular motions that just drove him crazy. He reached around and unbuttoned her shirt,unhooked her bra and squeezed her sizable breasts.

After about a minute she got up, knelt down,unzipped him and swallowed his cock. She licked and sucked hard,stroked him and then took his giant member into her mouth again. She stopped when she he told her he was cumming. She got up and took his hand leading him to a wall. Then she turned around and backed her huge ass into him. He held her waist again, lifted her skirt to her belly and whispered “say the words” as he flicked his cock up and down her lips.

She moaned and said out loud “FUCK ME HARD”. he smiled and put his cock in half way but stopped when he heard a female voice say ” Hey guys, Can I join in?”

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