[SEASON 1] 18+ Story: A Tale Of Ascension [Episode 6]


The female voice broke the silence and brought the two love birds out of their trance. They both looked back in the direction the voice came from and there she stood. Almost his height, chocolate skin with long black/purple braids that reached her waist, her shirt was untucked and unbuttoned so her chest was on display. Oh it would attract viewers any day any time. Her name was Halima and she was the head girl.

“you too really should be careful. Any one could have walked in on you. Door open and everything”. Deola and Victoria scampered from each other and quickly arranged their uniforms as Halima just stood there and watched in amusement. She was obviously enjoying the show. Vikky was the first to straighten out her clothes and she ran out of the Hall immediately. Deola being a more reserved teenager simply picked up his bag and made for the door but he was stopped by a hand dragging him back. “You do know that girl is notorious for things like this right. Most of the senior boys have been under her skirt already. Even some girls too”. The shock Halima saw in his eyes were simply priceless and she was enjoying every moment of it. She let go of his arm and walked out the hall laughing and satisfied with herself. While he just stood there, perplexed beyond words could explain. It seemed he had just taken a bullet to heart.

For the next one week he avoided Vikky and she in turn didn’t speak to him. The awkwardness grew into disgust and in no time the whole school knew their story and fed rumours to both parties to increase the tension.
Deola was passing by an old tree at the side of a school building when he heard Halima call to him. “you look aweful D. Is because of vikky?”

“What do you want Halima? I’ve got a massive headache”.

“well it so happens I have the remedy for such things. Come on”.

She led him to a dark room at the back of the school. He had been in this school all his life and he never knew such a thing existed. She put on the lights and the room came to life. Then the most unexpected thing happened.

“so D, still want that remedy?”

” I guess. So what is it?”

She came closer to him and looked him in the eye before saying “ME!”

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