See Reasons Why Dasuki Threatened To Kill Okereke


Emmanuel Osita Okereke on November 20 supposed that Sambo Dasuki, former national security adviser, wanted to assassinate him for reporting some of his (Dasuki) activities to Goodluck Jonathan.

Okereke is the director general of National Taskforce to Combat Illegal Importation of Small Arms, Ammunition, and Light Weapons (NATFORCE).

While briefing journalists in Enugu he supposed that former NSA was one of the people that betrayed Jonathan, when he persuaded him to sack all the service chiefs.

The director general said: “There is information we made available to the former president and he was directed to invite us for more information but Dasuki rebuffed it because he was trying to save his boys and agents.

“We know how many arms that entered this country illegally through various borders, which ex-NSA concealed and protected the suspects.

“My men intercepted 12 trailer load of ammunition at Sema border, and Col. Sambo used his boys to clear the arms and threatened to assassinate me when I wrote to the former president Jonathan”.

Okereke also supposed that Dasuki had plans to run to Syria, continuing that “former EFCC boss Ibrahim Lamorde has escaped through Chad border, before fleeing abroad; it would be disastrous for the country if Dasuki escapes trial.”

The NATFORCE chief further noted that the ex-NSA “contributed 80 percent to the security problems we are having today.”

He said while the judiciary was the last hope of the common man, “somebody like Col. Dasuki (rtd) should not benefit in that hope because he is enemy of progress and rule of law.

He disobeyed several court orders while in office for his selfish interest. Why is he asking that order of the same court he disobeyed while in office should be obeyed now?”

“Now, we are talking about insecurity in the country; former EFCC boss Ibrahim Lamorde has escaped through Chad border. This is the man the chairman, Police Service Commission recommended as one of the best police officers, who has done well for his country; today, that same man is now an escapee.”