Students Strip Off To Raise Money For Breast Cancer Charity


It seems to be a season of naked calendars, as one more sports student team strip off to raise money for both breast cancer charity and their club.

Scroll down for photos below. Warning: adult content!

Passersby were surprised to see the 16 students posing semi-naked on campus in the freezing cold

Sixteenbrave women from the University of Birmingham ditch their clothes to pose for risque photographs despite cold weather.

Trying to avoid blatancy and make the calendar tasteful the girls used netballs and team bibs to preserve their dignity in the black-and-white photos.

One of the organisers Liv Stables, 21, commented on the process of converting the idea into reality: “Everyone was quite nervous to begin with, but when we did our first shoot I was surprised by how quickly everyone got their dressing gowns off. 


It was absolutely freezing, which wasn’t ideal.

It was absolutely freezing, which wasn’t ideal. We did it early in the morning to try and avoid people seeing us, but there were a few people around. It was great because everyone got really into it. It was really fun to do it with such a great group of girls.

 We wanted to raise awareness about women checking their breasts by supporting CoppaFeel! It’s a great merger because it’s such an awful illness that affects so many women.”

University of Birmingham sports teams recreate Calendar Girls for Coppafeel charity   Daily Mail Online

This picture of a university netball team represents the month of January in a new charity calendar

The naked calendar will go on sale for £8 (N2,409) from November 30, with £2 (N602) going to breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel. The charity focuses on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging woman under 30 to regularly check their breasts.

Birmingham calendar girls limber up for December's photograph

Birmingham calendar girls limber up for December’s photograph