Tamara, Actresses Aren’t All About Immorality


Actress Tamara Eteimo has an interesting view as regards Nollywood and immorality. She doesn’t agree that every actress relies on men for survival.

Actress, singer and songwriter Tamara Eteimo

Actress, singer and songwriter Tamara Eteimo

Speaking exclusively to Punch, the actress said the movie industry has what it takes to foot ones bill.

She said about the misconceptions of immorality in Nollywood: “I would not agree that all Nollywood actresses are promiscuous. People go into different relationships for different reasons. In as much as the industry doesn’t really pay that much, with time.“

She also explained the fact that she doesn’t need any man to survive given that her craft pays her bill.

She acknowledged that Nollywood pays enough depending on how high in demand an actor is.

Eteimo_elenumeji“At the moment, there are actors that earn between N1m to N1.5 m for a role. Sometimes they call that person for three different jobs. When you get about three jobs like that in one month, why can’t you afford a car or pay your rent?”

Eteimo also added that she desires to achieve results on her own without any man laying claims to helping her in any way.

“I don’t need a sugar daddy in my life to maintain my car or pay bills. I want to be the kind of lady that will say I did this for myself and I don’t want another person to say I did this for her or so. We still have a lot of actresses in Nollywood that work so hard for their money,” she said in the exclusive chat with Punch.

Tamara Eteimo is a rising actress who first shot to fame following her win at reality TV show – The Next Movie Star.

The 28-year-old is also referred to as Tamara Jones, a name she earned on stage.

She is a singer, songwriter and a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Port Harcourt.