This Ten-year-old Boy is the Only Pupil in his School (Photos)


He’s always the first to arrive through the school gates in the morning – and the last to leave. He’s always picked to answer the teacher’s questions and he’s always – without fail – top of the form. 10 year old Aron Anderson is the only pupil at what is arguably the most remote primary school in Britain.

This Ten-year-old Boy is the Only Pupil in his School (Photos) 1

According to DailyMail, while parents in other parts of the country may worry about growing class sizes, at Skerries Community School, on the tiny Scottish island of Out Skerries, Aron (whether he likes it or not) gets the undivided attention of his teacher, all the time. During the school day he has two classrooms, a craft room, music room and a library all to himself. And at break, he has the run of the entire playground with its slides, swings and basketball court. One problem, of course, is that although he loves football, there are no other pupils for him to have a kick-about with. Aron’s unique position also makes him one of the most expensively educated children in the UK. The local council pays a staggering £75,357 a year for his schooling – double the price of sending a child to board at Eton.

Aron became the student in his school because his community, the island of Out Skerries, has a population of just 70 people. In recent years there had been a handful of other pupils at the school including Aron’s older brothers Ivan, 13, and Owen, 16, and their friends Ethan and Scott Arthur, 12 and 16. All the older boys now attend secondary school outside the island and Aron is the only school-age pupil on the island. Aron sees his friends and brothers most weekends but has lots of aunts and uncles on the island – as well as the family’s pet dogs, sheep and ducks for company – during the week, Last week Aron told The Mail on Sunday that, although sometimes he wished there were more children nearby to play with, he had plenty to keep him busy and definitely wouldn’t want to leave the island

Source : Dailymail