[PHOTOS] US President Caught Using Selfie Stick In Alaska


Is it wrong for the Leader of the Free World to be seen using a selfie stick in public?

Barack Obama has been spotted with a selfie stick while on his trip to Alaska. Would this action get him more love or hate from the Republicans?


The US President was seen with the device during his three-day trip to the Alaskan Arctic, in hopes of highlighting climate change issues. The White House has been busy documenting his adventure, even giving Obama a selfie stick and GoPro (he’s reached peak Millennial) to share his point-of-view.

In the selfie video, Obama promises to “give you guys a little bit of a view of what it’s like out here. We’ve been able to spend the day out here just learning more about how the glaciers are receding. It’s a signpost of what’s happening with a changing climate. … This is worth preserving,” he says.

And, of course, a historic trip to Alaska would not be complete without a bonafide selfie alongside TV host Bear Grylls.