Why I turned down offer to join US Marine –Saheed Osupa

Popular fuji artiste, Saheed Osupa, is loved by many especially for his talent when it comes to fuji music. But most people may not know the singer would probably have been in the US Marine if he didn’t decline the offer when it was presented to him just because of his love for music.

He said, “For me, music is a natural talent. If you have it in you, then you have to nurture it. When I was in America, I was frustrated because the level of promotion for African music was very low. It was only Fela’s afro-beat that was well promoted. I tried to promote my fuji music there but I needed to put in a huge amount of money which I did not have. So, I contemplated joining the US Marines.”

Why I turned down offer to join US Marine –Saheed OsupaThe singer said that he was offered a lot of money and a decent accommodation but he turned down the juicy offer for a life of uncertainty.

“I went for the exams and they were highly impressed. So, they said they would put me in the nuclear section and they gave me $100,000. They also offered me a house with a zero down payment. The offer was so likeable but I had a re-think about it and decided it was not what I wanted. I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t regret the decision in the future. I left Chicago and went to New York and eventually I came back home to do my music. I do not regret the decision today,” he said.



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