Children’s Day: Bambini Africa unveils educative kids games

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As part of activities to commemorate 2023 Children’s Day celebration, Bambini Africa Edutainment Limited, has unveiled five new board games under its subsidiary, Bambini Games.

The Founder of Bambini Africa, Raquel Daniel, in Abuja disclosed that the organisation was dedicated to promoting children’s education and development.

Daniel said that the games were aimed at fostering play-based learning and engage young minds.

According to her, the launch coinciding with the celebration of Children’s Day, further highlighting the organisation’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for African children.

“The first game in the series is GO CLEAN, which teaches children the significance of personal hygiene. Next in line is GO SAFE.

” This aim to equip children with the knowledge and skills to navigate potentially hazardous situations confidently.

”Bambini games also introduces GO FLOW, a game specifically designed for girls with the aim of breaking the taboo around menstruation and hygiene by providing girls with crucial knowledge and understanding of mental health.

“With GO GREEN, children will embark on an exciting journey of environmental awareness, with emphasis on the importance of sustainability, recycling, and protecting the planet,” she said.

She said the GO LEAD focused on developing leadership skills, ethics, and teamwork in children.

While expressing her excitement about the release, she said that Children’s Day is a perfect occasion to introduce these innovative board games that combine learning with fun.

The Bambini boss said that the team had put in immense effort to create captivating experiences that will not only entertain children but also contribute to their overall development.

“Bambini Africa is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality educational products for children.

”By leveraging play-based learning, the company has successfully made education enjoyable and interactive for young learners.

”Bambini Games’ board align with this vision, providing a valuable resource for parents, educators, and children seeking enriching experiences,” she added.

She said the launch of the five board games marked a significant milestone as the board games would offer an immersive platform for children to learn, explore, and grow, empowering them with valuable life skills. (NAN)

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