Barrister Frank Tietie

By Frank Tietie

I am very fine and not ailing anymore. No longer using a walking stick and my voice is back. I can even now drive and a not too lean professional fee just got paid to me. And I have been trying out all sorts of fancy pillows in supermarkets to enhance a good sleep.

Never, in all my life has there been any need for monetary contribution made for me. God Almighty meets all my needs. He has always positioned some big boys around me who bring money whenever it is needed. They know themselves.

But let me confess that I have found one kind of joy in receiving these contributions from those guys who joined me to form the Politics, Law & Justice platform. I am very happy.

Actually, I have been fixated with giving and hoping not to receive as the manner these guys have embarrassed me with. But I can tell you that the feeling is good. So join me to thank Joe Ukairo and those members of my platform who without prompting decided to lift my spirits. Joe was a classmate in law school but we weren’t close. My human rights advocacy clashed with his organisation, AEPB and I was ready to take them to the legal slaughter. But all that rage melted when I met Joe. He charmed me. I wasn’t surprised when I realized that he is a (Tent-Maker) Associate Pastor with Family Worship Centre.

Back to more serious issues. So some guys thought and spoke to me about the media mileage and visibility that I have achieved in course of my social advocacy over the years and said I didn’t have to be too loud about being saved from the throes of death. And that such spiritual jingoism would diminish my social value. I laughed out so loud. Just imagine that? So my picture on an Obituary page in the would have been better than telling the world that the Jesus Christ saves from death? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Since 2012, I created the following social programmes:
1. Citizens Advocacy for Social &
Economic Rights (CASER)
( This one took me to attend meetings at the UN Headquarters twice. God used some people.)

2. Consumer Watch Ng

3 Omnibus Human Rights Show
(Radio Show in conjunction with Love FM, Abuja)

4. Legal Matters Nigeria
(Radio Show in conjunction with Greetings FM, Abuja)

5. Lifetime Music
(Reflective Conversations on generational music for social impact)

6. Frank Talk Africa
( Addressing controversial issues on African culture with prominent personalities)

7. Food Avail
( Harnessing the application of technology for enhanced food production)

8. Law Times
(Online newspaper). This one is big! Trust me.

All of the above have been largely funded with support from some big guys and from the proceeds of a small law practice known as Forthright Chambers that has an office in Lord Lugard Street, Asokoro Abuja which serves as a development hub for all my social advocacies. Give all the glory to the Almighty God!

Again, I have an extrapolated documentation of over 1000 radio and television appearances. It makes me a known face across the landscape. It does feel good when a stranger fidgets to greet you at a public restaurant in appreciation of your opinion and views on radio or TV. That’s the usual occurrence for me.

Here’s the big thing. I became sick with a lot of pains and later couldn’t walk. I was carried about and also later dragged on the bare floor when my carriers couldn’t bear my weight. It was thought to be stroke, later arthritis. Tests for other big diseases turned out bad and death beckoned with physical pains and regrets of a heart that was so unprepared. Nothing else mattered and no one else could really help or save.

Then the mercy of God showed up when prayers were offered and the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a second chance at life. I forgot to mention earlier that a co- human rights activist, Austin Aigbe believed in Bishop Oyedepo’s anointed oil and handkerchief. On my second night journey to the hospital. I found it ridiculous that instead of first carrying me to the hospital. He chose to first pour anointing oil on me and placed a miracle working handkerchief on my head. What a radical faith combined with a blitz of prayers from intercessors.

To the glory of God, miraculously, I now walk unaided. Confirmatory tests have all turned good. How do you think I want to live my life now?

Make no mistake about it. In addition to all those ephemeral advocacies of the past years which I must as necessity continue to do, I am now going to devote time to tell the world that Jesus Christ saves. And that the horrors of a life without a Saviour, especially at the point of death is too much to gamble with. That the eternal destination of the human soul (consciousness) is a subject of serious concern for every man and woman to contemplate. I will therefore launch FT-GO- Frank Tietie Gospel Outreach. Once every month, I will organise unconventional outreaches in unconventional places to spread the love of Jesus Christ that saves from death (hell fire) and gives the assurance of a meaningful and blissful eternity for every man and woman. FTGO!

Frank Tietie
Human Rights (Development) Lawyer,