Eyewitness releases voice note Over Mohbad’s Death

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…Reveals what allegedly happened at hospital

An alleged eyewitness who claimed to be present at the hospital where Mohbad was taken for treatment has made a surprising confession as his voice note surfaced online.

The alleged witness, who was in the lobby area, claimed that Mohbad was very much alive when he entered the medical facility with his friends.

He also claimed that he approached the late singer for a photo and despite his illness, Mohbad remained humble and even posed for a photograph with him.

However, after 20 to 30 minutes, there was a sudden burst of activity among the nurses and others in the room where Mohbad had been admitted.

Amid the discomfort and restlessness in the hospital, the witness found it strange that Mohbad’s friend swiftly took his “lifeless” body out of the hospital, especially considering he was shirtless at the time.

He became worried and asked one of the nurses on what was going on, the nurse then informed them that Mohbad had been given an injection and subsequently collapsed.

The witness disclosed that before he could understand what was going on, Mohbad’s companions had already left with his body.

In his words: “I was at the hospital that morning when Mohbad arrived. He came in with that same guy who was shouting in a video that Mohbad is dead. I even took a picture with him because I was happy to see him. After the picture, he went inside.

“All of a sudden the nurses were just working around, they were trying to make calls. Then I asked one of the nurses who earlier talked to me what was going on. She said they gave Mohbad an Injection and he collapsed. Before I knew what was going on, the same young man that came with him left with his body and Mohbad was shirtless when they left.”

Many were puzzled by the quick departure and questioned why they didn’t allow medical professionals more time to attempt to save him.

Netizens have since joined in the discussion, speculating whether Mohbad may have been only unconscious when pronounced dead.

@mz_barbss reacted: “Why didn’t you speak up on that day? Even if you have to do it anonymously. At least, you would have created awareness and the burial would have been stopped… His father in question seems like he was anticipating the death. Haba! Two seconds, undersized coffin, broken neck, cemented grave!”

@obaksolo said: “All this information just flying on Blogs that can be useful. It’s sad that some people are legit not looking for #justiceformohbad to stop giving blogs. Send to the police or team in charge.”

@zinnysugar reacted: “This whole gist is running me mad! Mohbad was buried alive, he probably regained consciousness in his grave and struggled, but there was nobody to help him out. God, please! I can’t even begin to imagine this whole thing. They said they were gonna exhume his body, I had hopes that he might probably still be alive. But it’s 8 whole days.”
@himynamesmaris reacted: “How did someone collapse in the hospital and the next step is to rush him out of there, like rush him out of the hospital to where exactly? Everything about his death is shady.”
@holluwaniphemmie reacted: “Omooooo people plenty where then go pack ooo obviously the guy just passed out and he pronounced him dead, why the papa want to bury am for midnight why? Chai.”

@sandra odia said: “At this point, why the name of the hospital never dey trend already we need names abeg.”

@shakar_el said: “Which doctor confirmed him dead before they rushed to bury him??”

@chisom_nathan reacted: “It will totally break me if the autopsy result shows that he was buried alive.”

@_jacksonshirley commented: “So why didn’t they keep him in the hospital till he regained consciousness.”

(New Telegraph: Text, Excluding Headline)

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