Insurgency: Cleric Canvasses Right Knowledge To Make Youths Resilient


An Islamic Scholar, Sheik Muhammad Nasir has attributed the rising insurgency in the country to wrong acquisition of knowledge by the youth.

Nasir said this at the 11th Annual Walimatul Qur’an of Al-Yaqeen Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Glisten International Academy in Abuja on Sunday.

He advised youths to seek after knowledge from the Quran so as to straighten their path on doing justice, saying that the increasing insurgency rate in the country was due to wrongful infiltrated knowledge they were exposed to.

”Everyone knows the importance and essence of knowledge, however, when we are talking about knowing, I used to say that not all knowledge are important.

”If we are talking about the rightful knowledge, everybody goes to the universities and schools and even the internet to assess wisdom.

”But the problem we have is having the right knowledge and that is why we are getting it wrong.

”When you have the right knowledge from the correct source, then the knowledge will be passed and it will lead you right,” he said.

Nasir also said that lack of the right knowledge had led to a lot of abnormalities in the world, especially the springing up of insurgency.

”The insurgents claimed they get their knowledge from scholars, which scholars and where do they acquire the knowledge from.

”We need to get the correct knowledge and if this is not done, we will continue to get it wrong,” he added.

He, therefore, urged youths in the country to seek for the right knowledge to enable them to be creative to do the right thing in the right way.

Nasir commended the graduating students of the Islamiyah school to continue to brace up to acquiring Islamic knowledge, saying this would get them closer to Allah thereby helping them to do the right thing.

Also, the Islamiyah Coordinator, Mr Adam Abubakar, urged the students not to relent, saying that knowledge had no limits and hence must be pursued.

Abubakar also admonished them to continue to motivate themselves and instill the zeal towards high objectives and mastery of the Quran.

”With mastery comes knowledge and with knowledge comes perfection. The prophet said ‘seek for knowledge from cradle to the grave’.

”Knowledge is light and knowledge is said to be power. It’s however not the ultimate but a means to an end.

“So seeking for knowledge did not just end with Walimah. You are just moving to the next chapter,” he said.

The Chief Executive, Glisten International Academy, Hajiya Samira Jibir, called on the graduating students to channel their zeal into positive actions that would better their lives and the society they belonged.

Jibir commended the teachers for the role played in instilling knowledge to the students as well as parents for releasing their children to follow the way of Allah.

She, therefore, charged parents on the need to continue to guide their children and also be in their space for proper monitoring of what they did and the type of friends they kept.

”As we all know, knowledge is light, we need more of the knowledge to illuminate your life and for us parents, let us continue to provide for the needs of the children and not their want.

”For us parents, we need to be role models, even for the children that are grown up, you must be role model and you must be their influencer by influencing them positively,” she said.

One of the students, Abubakar Kaigama, a JSS 3 student, said that the knowledge acquired would reposition him for a better future.

“The Islamiyah will make me a better person and a better Muslim, after this Quranic school, it will help me also to assist humanity,” he said

In the same vein, an SS2 student, Jameela Umaru, called for inculcating of adequate knowledge into the students to avert future insurgency in the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of the event “Quranic Knowledge: Rewards for here and the hereafter”, highlights Quranic recitation by the graduating students and presentations by the primary pupils of the school. (NAN)


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