Late DJ Lockshy, Second Female DJ In Nigeria

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The other day on CNN( I think on African Voices ), I watched a show circled around the evolution of female Deejays in Nigeria, I wept when I realize the name of DJ Lockshy, the most prominent Nigerian pioneer female Deejay, was not mentioned.

Without being apologetic, there’s no industry filled with folks with memory loss like we have in the Nigerian music industry. The level of ignorance and lack of desire to seek knowledge about this sector we operate in is at the tipping point.

If I choose to see reasons why the CNN researcher for that episode failed to properly research on that subject before scripting, but how do I make sense for why none of those Nigerian female deejays do DJ Lockshy the honor.

The first two pioneer female Deejays in Nigerian were DJ Lucy Jones( Lucy Paul) and DJ Lockshy( Lolade). Lockshy was so great on the turntable, the mighty DJ Humility once confessed that Loskshy’s turntable wizardry and sheer perseverance greatly impacted and inspired him into the business, to this Lockshy is far better than must of of Nigerian DJs in the 90s. DJ Jimmy Jatt once told me that if the whole world forgets his birthday, the one person he can bank on not to, is Lockshy. She was well respected.

I worked with her for 2 years from Party House Allen Avenue to Terris Surulere as a music selector, when playing on the one and twos its not a easy task, 5% of my LP is from DJ Lockshy. She yield from Aguda Surulere and well know .

In a male dominated field, she stood tall. Some folks met her when she was going to RN2, other met her through Grand Master Lee(GML) at Tiberius Night Club, Victoria Island (owned by one of the sons of the owner of Tabansi Records). Some also heard her play at clubs in the Island and Mainland in Lagos while others had engagement with her in Abeokuta, Ogun state. Wherever she plays, she holds everyone spellbound.

Sadly, we lost her at the beginning of 2008 via an undisclosed terminal ailment. It was an outpouring of encomium at the burial where she was variously described as a rare breed and a powerhouse despite her frail and small stature. It’s 13 years now since her passing away, the industry should forever remember her as the pioneering female Deejay In Nigeria. My friend, Continue to rest in peace. The world will never forget about you again.

DJ Lockshy May your Gentle Sould Rest in perfect peace

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