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By Amb. Osikenyi E. Osisiogu

“We must not continue to convene “jungle camps” all in the name of boarding schools”

I write as a parent who empathizes with the devastating grief that Mr. and Mrs Sylvester Ororomi – parents of the deceased student of Dowen College Lekki/Lagos(Sylvester Ororomi) is experiencing at the moment; and as an activist in the Education space to commiserate with the family over the gory incidence.

The so-called culture of brutality seem to be a norm in schools across Africa, especially public schools where it seem okay for senior students or even more wicked ones to mete out unabated brutality and extort provisions from junior students with school authorities acting oblivious; and often failing to enforce measure of deterrence to forestall reoccurrence and protect weaker ones.

It is however bizarre that this objectionable practice has taken its devastating toll on private colleges with manifold instances, and handful reported cases in Nigeria in recent times such as that of Karen Akpagher of Premier Academy Lugbe; Don Davies of Deeper Life High School, Akwa Ibom and so on. Hundreds of kids at basic education level in Nigeria have been victims of this spree of brutality across basic education schools in Nigeria. These kids, The Boy and Girl Child often get sexually abused in schools in this process.

The earlier we agree that violent cultism has permeated our basic education institutions, the quicklier we shall find a lasting solution to the quagmire. How may one explain the rate of rascal impunity exhibited by basic education students to eventually brutalize their mate to death after severally torturing him and rendering the boy melancholy for months? Sad enough, the authority lie to cover up in order to retain a high fee paying student population so as to break even!

I expect a concerted approach among all stakeholders – Government, PTAs, and school Authorities now to outlaw brutality and brutal cultism in basic schools across the continent. We must not continue to convene “jungle camps” all in the name of boarding schools!

Once again, I commiserate with the Ororomi’s and add my voice to the call for justice. More so, I believe greatest justice is to END THE OBNOXIOUS CULTURE OF BRUTALITY in all education institutions at all levels immediately.

Character before Learning!

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