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Valentine Ozigbo, the flag-bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the November 6 Anambra governorship election, has promised to tackle Anambra’s infrastructural deficit if elected governor.

Mr Ozigbo made the pledge on Sunday, October 31, 2021, when he visited the Amihe-Umuchu-Umuleke-Achina Road, which has suffered a systemic erosion that cut off several parts of Achina from each other.

“The condition of Anambra’s infrastructure is a sincere source of worry for every well-meaning citizen of our dear state,” Ozigbo lamented.

“Growing up, we passed this area which is an important link road. Unfortunately, it has deteriorated to this level. People are losing their accommodation because of this tragic situation.

“It has become so bad that you have to go through five other towns to connect to areas within the same town. This is why we must insist on competent and compassionate leaders as we approach the November 6 election.

“We are coming to work for Ndi Anambra. We will work as a government. We need to mobilize Ndi Anambra to partner with the government. We will also engage with multilateral bodies to execute projects like these,” Ozigbo said.

While speaking during the visit, Ichie John Okpara, a member of the His Royal Highness, Igwe GN Obiora, lamented the state of the Amihe-Umuchu-Umuleke-Achina Road, which was awarded to a contractor but has been abandoned for many years.

The President-General of Achina, Nze Henry Ezunara, reiterated Ichie Okpara’s words, blaming abandoned construction activities for the worsening erosion.

Amihe-Umuchu-Umuleke-Achina Road, which has suffered a systemic erosion that cut off several parts of Achina from each other

Nze Ezunara further revealed that Achina has at least six erosion sites, most of which have cut them off from neighbouring communities.

The President-General further assured Ozigbo that the town was solidly behind his candidacy.

“You are one of us, and we will work for you because this is our project,” Nze Ezunara added.

Valentine Ozigbo is widely regarded as the frontrunner for the November 6 governorship election. A grassroots favourite, Ozigbo has won the hearts of Ndi Anambra at all levels with his inspiring political story, his approach to electioneering, and his revolutionary Ka Anambra Chawapu message.

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