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First, I wish to thank every person who contributed to our impending victory, which will be announced in a few days. Every one of us has stood strong, promoted, and defended the Ka Anambra Chawapu message with everything we have to give. It is a labour of love, and the rewards are sure.

As we are moving into the last days of our campaign, it is evident to all of us connected to the grassroots that our candidate, Valentine Ozigbo is the most widely accepted to win this election. We are the best party in this game. We have the best ticket – Ozigbo/Enemo. We have the best campaign team. And we have God on our side.

At the Arise News debate on Monday, Valentine Ozigbo demonstrated to the world what we have always known about him – that he has the right measure of competence, character, compassion, and an abundance of emotional intelligence and humility to lead Anambra to her glorious place in history.


There are a few steps we can individually take to demonstrate these facts above and capture the narrative that we are the best, the favourite to win, and we are winning this election.

1. Please let us change our profile pictures, DP, status updates to VCO’s picture or a graphic of his quote.

2. Let us push ‘I VOTE for PDP’ or ‘I VOTE for Valentine’ messages out.

3. Let us sell VCO’s brilliance, credentials, humanity, and humility on all our platforms. Tell the story of WHY you believe Val Ozigbo is the best.

These are the immediate steps we can all take to saturate the Anambra ecosystem with our message. I am sharing below this message, creatives we can all use immediately on our phones, WhatsApp, and social media platforms.

May the GRACE upon Valentine Ozigbo’s life and, indeed, on all our lives, speak for us on Saturday. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you, and God bless every one of us.

*Aziza Uko-Douglas*
*Director, Media and Communications*
*PDP State Governorship Campaign Council*

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