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…Edo under PDP has recorded tremendous gains

Political differences notwithstanding, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo State, expects the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Edo State to acknowledge the significant progress that Edo has made in the last 18 months. Especially since the Governor, Godwin Obaseki joined PDP.

There is still room for improvement no doubt, but Edo under the PDP has recorded tremendous gains in terms of development, providing enabling environment for businesses and Edo people to thrive.

We are shocked but not surprised that APC would continue to paint such an ugly picture, tissues of lies, of a state and government just to advance its comatose political fortunes. We shudder that a party under whose watch a less than 7 kilometre Benin Airport road was fraudulently awarded at six billion naira and it took almost five years to be completed and six hundred million naira was used to change the roof and repaint the walls of Idia College in Benin refuses to acknowledge progress even when it stares it in the face!

It is ironic and almost comical when we see headlines credited to APC “badmouthing” a government that has brought accountability, transparency and financial discipline to Edo State. The first government in decades that has been strategic in planning and execution of its project! A government that has dared all Edo State citizens not just to dream, but to believe it’s achievable.

My kinsman, the recently awaken State Publicity Secretary of APC attempted to describe my responses to their jaundiced and clueless press statements as “unfortunate political grandstanding, petty party loyalty or sycophantic patronage”. It made me laugh, as even he knows and I hope he comprehends that what floats my boat is knowing that we have a Governor that is passionate about Edo people. Knowledgeable, resourceful and strategic.

In the last few days, The successful hosting of the fifth in the series of Alaghodaro Summit and the first anniversary of Governor Godwin Obaseki’s second term has further diminished the thought of a rebirthing of the near defunct but comatose APC in Edo State.

Even if they didn’t know before, now they are aware that in the health sector, we have sustained the reforms in the healthcare system, ensuring our people have access to quality and affordable health services. The Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC) have been renovated while 1700 persons have been shortlisted to partake in the Edo-HIP, ( Health Improvement Programme) across the 18 local government areas. Over 200 health workers have been trained. We are transforming the Central hospital and building a new Stella Obasanjo Hospital in our efforts to drive the needed change in the healthcare system in Edo State. We have introduced the Edo State Health Insurance Scheme. Employed more doctors and nurses while we have rebuilt, reset and gotten accreditation for the state school of nursing and health sciences. Under their clueless and visionless government and party, this critical institution was abandoned.

The Governor Obaseki led PDP government at the weekend also launched the Victor Uwaifo Creative Hub in Benin City, with the pledge to sustain programmes and reforms to ensure Edo youths realize their fullest potential. The newly built facility, named after late music legend, Sir Victor Uwaifo, was commissioned during the Edo Mega Youth Concert with the theme, “the Guitar Boy Lives On”.

The Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki also commissioned the Edo Tech Park, an elite software engineering and leadership training institute that will produce 15000 world class software engineers in the state within the next five years. Our aim is to transform Edo into the technology outsourcing nerve Centre in Africa. We are committed to empowering the youths and preparing them for the future.

We hope they can draw a nexus between the three examples above…we are preparing our state for the future. Health, Art and Technology!

At this juncture, the public is advised to be wary ofAPC anti-people rhetoric and once again, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state is hereby advised to stop making spurious, irresponsible and unsubstantiated claims.

Governor Godwin Obaseki and PDP will continue to deliver on good and strategic governance!

The Resetting Edo Agenda is causing serious discomfort for APC.

Edo Must Move Forward!

PDP…Resetting Edo for a better and brighter tomorrow


Chris Osa Nehikhare

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