Senator Dickson Continues Political, Social and Sporting Engagements from His Vacation Location In Toru Orua

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Mr. Michael Egiethua in Toru Orua

The former Bayelsa State Governor and serving Senator, Henry Seriake Dickson yesterday went across from this side of the Forcados River Bank in Bayelsa State to see his maternal relatives across on the other side of the Forcados River Bank in Delta State to pay his Christmas homage to his family martenal members in Bolo Angiama.

From left, a chieftain of the Ijaw National Congress who accompanied Senator Dickson, right.

He also visited his late mother’s graveside. Mrs. Goldcoast Dickson died on the 8th of August, 2018. She was aged 71 years.

Senator Dickson has been spending his Christmas Holidays in his hometown in Toru Orua, Bayelsa State from where he has maintained a busy schedule receiving Business Partners, Political Associates, Relatives, friends, as well as attending and hosting sporting engagements that include wrestling and football, sponsored by his foundation, the Henry Seriake Dickson (HSD).

The Henry Seriake Dickson (HSD) Foundation is the sponsor of the recently concluded community-based grassroots football competition, the Ofurumapepe Cup, which involves 100 teams and 1000 young boys.

In the final match played on the 28th of December, Odoni FC of Sagbama LGA  won the 2021 edition of the Ofurumapepe Cup by a lone goal scored by Benatare Bob. They went home with N2,000,000 courtesy Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation and the Bayelsa State government who announced an addition of 500k. 2nd place goes home with 1,300,000, courtesy of the HSD Foundation 800k and the Bayelsa State Government 500k.

The Foundation also recently unveiled the Nanaye Dickson Wrestling Tournament in Abuja where Two Ijaw Wrestling Icons were recognized and honoured.

Community memer escorted Senator Dickson from the Jetty to his late mother’s house in Bolo Angiama

Today, 30 December, he will be flagging off the Nanaye Dickson Wrestling Tournament in Toru Orua in Bayelsa State. The Organisers said the tournament is designed specifically to discover hidden talents in Bayelsan communities and8 therefore, ONLY wrestlers who have not participated in any State , National or International Competitions are eligible.

Members of Senator Dickson’s mother’s community 0f Bolo Angsana in Delta State bidding him farewell after his visit yesterday.

The event is expected to start at 10 am today.

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