Synthetic World By Jimi Cliff…A Great Song Dedicated To The Memory of Barrister Okeimute Odje

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The Legendary Jimmy Cliff

By Michael Egiethua

Synthetic World by Jimi Cliff is a song I enjoyed immensely as a child growing up in the late 60s and early 70s. I must say my late younger brother, Ayegbeni Egiethua was known by my household more as a Jimi Cliff fan than I. But, with Synthetic World, you can give it to me as a greater fan.

After my growing up days, I had lost track of this song until my days as Director of Programs at Prest Motels and Night Club, the place to be, back in the days in Benin City – 1997 to 2000, when I got a chance to listen to the collections of Barrister Okeimuite Odje, of blessed memories, who was always our esteemed guest at Prest Motels Ltd, Benin City and a long-standing friend of Mr. Anthony Tosan Prest, owner of Prest Motels. Okeimute’s personal Bar as a guest could compete favourably with our Lobby Bar at Prest in terms of the exotic drinks available.

Again, after my days at Prest Motels, I lost touch of the song for a long time. Why am I so attached to this song now? Guess what?? When Okeimute died, the day he was to be buried, I was standing in front of One World Rasta Studio, Deo Gratias Plaza in Utako, Abuja; then out of the mounted speakers came this vibe again and oh yes, I remembered Okeimute and really felt he was talking to me at that time, maybe even teasing me from above. This was so real. The rest they say is history. I went straight up the studio and got all the old recordings I had longed for prior to that day.

May our big brother, Okeimute, continue to rest in peace and the Lord grant the family he left behind the fortitude to bear the loss and carry on.

The Lyric of Synthetic World by Jimmy Cliff:

Hey you, I’m up from the bayou
Where wildlife runs free
You could say that I’m country
But let me tell you what I see

Your world is plastic
Can see through to the other side
Your cities are made of wood
Antiques are what you’ve got inside
Houses are paper but folks don’t hear a word you say
Friendship’s like acid
It burns, burns, burns as it slides away

So you see, my patience is growin’ thin
With this synthetic world we’re livin’ in

The word imitation is goin’ cross the nation
What’s real has become a freak
Someone’s tryin’ to make me weak
Strange initials to keep me blind
Psychedelic music to blow my mind

So you see, my patience is growin’ thin
With this synthetic world we’re livin’ in

Spray to clear the air and its filled with spray
Makin’ people die every day
Now I find I’m out of place
If I only have one face
All my friends have more than two
No longer must you be you
They found out how to transplant
Maybe it has, replaced can
So you see, my patience is growin’ thin
With this synthetic world we’re livin’ in

Na na na Nee na na na na….


Thank God It’s Friday and I give you this song today in two versions thanks to Jimmy Cliff and another version by Swamp Dogg.

A special dedication to the memory of late Barr. Okeimute Odje.

Enjoy your weekend people.

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