Urhobo Son Emerges Top Judge In United States of America


Edirin Okoloko, a judge of the Snohomish County Superior Court in Washington DC, USA has emerged as the overall best in a members rating conducted by the Snohomish County Bar Association.

Okoloko, a native of Delta state came ahead of six other judges with an average result of 4.12 in press release by the Snohomish County Bar members newsletter.

The release reads “Introducing our top two Superior Court judges per member ratings in 2021. Judge Langbehn and Judge Okoloko”.

“Those pictured here had the highest averages. An honourable mention also goes out to our highest scoring commissioner, Patricia Nelson. A special thank you to the fearless SCBA board for tabulating these results”.

Okoloko’s results is as follows: Decision making Average 4.03, median 4.00; Efficiency average 3.81, median 4.00; Demeanour average 4.47, median 5.00; Impartiality average 4.15, median 5.00. overall performance average 4.12 median 4.00.

Judge Okoloko was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee to fill a vacant seat on Snohomish County Superior Court bench in January 2020 after the retirement of Judge Linda C. Krese.

appointed Okoloko to the Snohomish County Superior Court in September 2018 and he took office in October. He lost a close retention election in November 2019.

Prior to his judicial service, Okoloko served for 13 years as a Snohomish County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, where he prosecuted cases involving homicides, sexual assaults, child abuse, elder abuse, and other violent and property related crimes.

Credit: The News Guru.


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