Obey God To Find Your Path and You Will Be Settled!

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It Is Important To Put One’s Focus On The Supplier Than The Supplies, For The Supplies Will Finish But The Supplier Will Remain Faithful From Everlasting2Everlasting!

For Every Act Of Obedience That Follows The Instructions, There’s Clarity Of Purpose and Rewards For The Obedience; It Is Only In Obedience That Your Faith Is Adjudged To Be Righteous. For We All Have Different Paths Of Righteousness, Seek For Yours and Gracefully Walk In It Diligently To God’s Glory.

Abraham Walked In His Path Of Righteousness By Being Obedient To The Call Of God and By His Willingness To Sacrifice His Hope To Hopefulness In God. It Is The Ability to Know What To Do, How To Do What You Need To Do When You Need To Do It!

Rahab Walked In Her Path Of Righteousness By Hiding The Israelis Spies But Not Without Failing To Do What To Do, By Negotiating Her Settlement When She Had To Do What She Needed To Do. Hmm!

The Woman At The Well Had Her Path Of Righteousness By Her Testimonies To The Same Community She Had Been Written Off As A Promiscuous Irresponsible Person and They Believed Her; Only By Her Acknowledgment Of The Messianic Nature Of Yeshua The Christ. Hmm!

The Thief On The Cross Alongside Yeshua, Had His Path Of Righteousness By Rebuking His Fellow Convict While Acknowledging The Deity Of The Dying Yeshua The Christ. Hmm!

Peter “The Rock”, Had His Path Of Righteousness, When He Acknowledged The True Genealogy Of Yeshua The Christ. The List Goes On and On!

What Is Your Path Of Righteousness? Life Is Only Found In The Path Of Righteousness, But Another Path Leads To Death 💀! Think2Reason; Drop Religion and Pick Up Fellowship With God Through Yeshua Adonai! Note That, Your Biggest Miracle From God Lies In Your Obedience To His Spiritled Instructions.

Prayer: Jehovah El Shaddai, My Many Breasted Father, Lead Me In The Path Of My Righteousness As I Daily Walk Circumspectly As One In The Dark; But, With The Assurance Of Your Light 💡 That Shines Brighter Each Day To Beam Your Beauty That Confuses Darkness.
So Help Me God, In Yeshua Name, Amen.

Righteousness Musing!

-The Wits Of Kevin Fyneface-


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