Prof. Mathew Uzukwu Presents Book On Leadership Skills and Entrepreneurship in Abuja

Leadership Skills and Entrepreneurship By Prof. Mathew Uzukwu

Jonathan urges Nigerians To Imbibe A Reading Culture

The book, titled, “LEADERSHIP SKILLS AND ENTREPRENEUSHIP: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur”, was unveiled and presented to the public at the Sheraton Hotels and Towers on Tuesday, 8th of June, 2021 in Abuja.

At the event, former Present Goodluck Jonathan was represented as Chairman of the occasion, by former FCT Minister of State, Chuka Odom. Senator Biodun Olujimi unveiled and presented the book while King A. J. Turner, was the Royal Father of the Day. The book was reviewed by Architect Baba Isimi. Also present was the former Minister of Women Affairs under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Hajia Innah Ciroma.

From left – Event Organiser, Mrs Phil Okoroafor, Royal Father of the day – King AJ Turner and book author- Prof. Mathew Uzukwu

Remarks by King A. J. Turner, the Royal Father of the Day and Obigbo Mikimiki 1, Obanema of Opume Kingdom, Ogbia, Bayelsa State are as stated below:

Kind A. J. Turner said, Dr. Uzukwu asked him to grace the occasion of the Book Unveiling and Presentation not only in his capacity as a Traditional Ruler, but also as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trenur Group Nigeria Limited, a major business organization in Nigeria.

King Turner said, he had gone through an advance copy of the book and he can say without any doubt that, the book is well written. He encouraged all to get copies for themselves and for others they know are desirous of learning about how to become successful Entrepreneurs. He enjoined all to have a great time during the presentation.

Representative of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Chuka Odom

In his own remarks, former President Goodluck Jonathan, who was the Chairman of the occasion and represented by former Minister of State, FCT, Chief Chuka Odom, said he would have loved to be at the occasion but that he was currently in Mali attending to Sub-Regional issues and was unavoidably absent. He therefore sent his greetings and regards to those at the event and Nigerians in general through his able representative.

Chief Chuka Odom subsequently delivered the goodwill message and remarks of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Book Review By Architect Baba Isimi

Architect Baba Isimi said his job was to give the audience and the reading public an “expo” on the book, to try to attract their interest in the book which he hopes will spur them to buy and subsequently read the book. He said it was good to have such a book at a time the government of the day is beaming its focus on entrepreneurship. He said, the government has set up several intervention schemes through the Central Bank of Nigeria, to empower small and medium enterprises in order to foster a robust economy. He noted that the book was timely and thanked the author, Prof. Mathew Uzukwu for putting together such a masterpiece.

Architect Isimi introduced the title of the book as, Leadership Skills and Entrepreneurship: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur, authored by Professor Mathew Uzukwu and published by Feli Publishing, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA. He said the book has 223 pages divided into 13 Chapters. He also described Prof. Uzukwu as a processor of knowledge.

Architect Isimi said, the first three Chapters present, an overview of Leadership, Leadership Theories and Leadership Application Models respectively. He said, the Leadership Application Models integrate Leadership skills with Entrepreneurial decision making. He said the author illustrates this with four different aspects of entrepreneurial management in an Auto-Parts Plant.

From left Phil Okoroafor, King AJ Turner and book author Prof. Mathew Uzukwu

The book reviewer said, Chapter Four is an overview of Entrepreneurship, while Chapter Five explains the systematic nature of Entrepreneurship in the context of several elements making up the system which the Entrepreneur must be aware of in order to achieve success. He said chapters 6 and 7 provide much practical Knowledge indispensable for Entrepreneurial success.

Dignitaries joined Senator Olujimi and the author to unveil and present the book.

He noted that, the author significantly raised the level in Entrepreneurial Literature by demonstration in these chapters such as the Six SIGMA Solutions. Chapters 8,9,10 and 11 deal with Operations Management, Organizational Structure, Scientific Decision Making, Organizational Behaviour and Entrepreneurial Marketing, all of which constitute critical knowledge and clarity to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

Architect Baba Isimi said, the author goes on to do something different in Chapter 12 where he introduced the reader to GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP. He said as we all know, Climate Change is driving a new economy in the world, that is called the “Green Economy”. He noted that, the total financing in renewable Energy in the whole world is $392 Billion. He noted that Nigeria has not taken part in that investment. He said, Green Entrepreneurship is a growing sector of the global economy, though much less so in Africa. He pleaded for Nigeria to take the recommendations in this Chapter as it relates to Green Entrepreneurship seriously.

Architect Isimi said, in Chapter Thirteen, the author presented the inspiring stories of Seventeen great Entrepreneurs around the world. This list includes our very own Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga and Innocent Chukwuma of the famous Innoson Motors. The list also includes Bill Gates, Mack Zukerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Andrew Carnegie, Jeff Bezoz, Henry Ford, George Eastman among others.

From left, Phil Okoroafor, King AJ Turner and Senator Biodun Olujimi

In conclusion, he said, the book is an integration of Leadership Skills and Entrepreneurship. He said, leaders, aspiring leaders, Entrepreneurs and aspiring Entrepreneurs will find this book very useful as a guide on how to do things the right way. He said he was recommending the book very highly to the general public and to Tertiary Institutions. He noted that as the government mantra is now Entrepreneurship to grow the economy, the book is an excellent resource book for training Entrepreneurs.

The book unveiling and presentation was supervised by Senator Biodun Olujimi

At the end of the remarks and goodwill messages, Senator Biodun Olujimi did the unveiling and presentation of the Book and supervised the subsequent purchases by those present and represented at the event to launch the book.



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