Public Service Announcement: APC has a deplorable effect on our society

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…APC is like a desperate conman

…Governor Godwin Obaseki and PDP will continue to deliver on good governance!

The Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo State, wasn’t surprised to hear the occasional ramblings of ignorance and cluelessness coming from the contraption called APC. The rantings late on Sunday from Col. David Imuse (Rtd) was his way to announce his selection as State Chairman of the rag-tag political party called APC in Edo state.

Edo PDP congratulates him and his equally selected executives. But we must say Edo people are utterly disappointed. Edo people were hoping for a quality team to keep the ruling party and government on its toes, to attempt to stand in gap for them but what Edo people have been saddled with is a team that lacks vision and inspiration but motivated by greed, bitterness, resentment and cynicism. The APC executive is a selection of cronies of the defeated godfather. It’s a pity that APC has still not exorcised the demons in their midst.

In a futile attempt to sound tough and knowledgeable and because they don’t know, they resort to catchy headlines, spurious initiatives and empty rhetoric.

Going through the statement credited to its Chairman, laughable as it is, it is pertinent to remind him, in case he has  forgotten why Governor Obaseki left his party. Governor Godwin Obaseki’s insistence on using state resources to develop and build infrastructure for Edo people and not stomach infrastructure for APC leaders and cabal was the reason he left.

Our Party, PDP, and its Government is the most organized, people centred and credible party in Edo state. Our policies and programmes for the society are with a view to promote the collective good and not the personal aggrandisement policy that is the cardinal program of APC.

APC has a deplorable effect on our society – corroding justice, good governance and prosperity.

APC is like a desperate conman – Like the dodgiest of used-car salesmen, APC is trying to flog a clapped-out, broken-down model by slapping on a new coat of paint.

They are arrogant enough to think that Edo people will forget what they are!

During the campaigns, Governor Obaseki promised to Reset Edo. He talked about reforms in the civil service, reforms in governance and reforms in attitudes.

How can a party that wishes to be taken seriously, call a government that its civil and public servants continue to get their salaries as at when due, contractors continue to be mobilized monthly and their contracts commissioned and made available for use by Edo people, pension payments maintained and paid regularly while the state government COVID-19 management regime is the protocol of choice for many state governments, a scam? Tragic, wouldn’t you agree?

It might interest you to know that this government advertised up to 2000 vacancies in the state civil service alone without the sack of one single worker and a first batch of newly employed are just rounding up inductions and absorbed into the state civil service while there have been hundreds of thousands of potpourri of jobs created as a result of the enabling environment created by our government.

Governor Godwin Obaseki and PDP will continue to deliver on good governance!

The Resetting Edo Agenda is causing serious discomfort for APC.

Edo Must Move Forward!


Chris Osa Nehikhare

8th October, 2021.

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